Family Tree

What is Family Tree Builder?

Family tree builder is an online tool for making genealogical family trees.

It allows users to access a family tree at any time in any place and share it on social media or provide it directly to your family connections.

Input information about family members, including their names, dates of birth and death, places of birth and death, marriages, and other relevant details. It also enables users to add photos, documents, and other media to their family trees, helping to bring their family history to life.

Family Tree Builder can help users to visualize their family history and share it with others.

Overall, it is a powerful and user-friendly tool for anyone interested in exploring their family history and building their family tree.

What is a family tree?

A family tree is a graphical representation of a person’s family history and genealogy. It is a visual diagram that shows the relationships between family members, including parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other relatives.

A family tree typically starts with the individual at the center of the diagram and branches out to show their ancestors and descendants. Each person in the tree is represented by a box, with their name, date of birth and death, and other information included.

Family trees can be simple or complex, depending on the amount of information available and the level of detail desired. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including tracing one’s ancestry, researching family history, and connecting with distant relatives.

Overall, family trees are an important tool for understanding and preserving family history, and they can help individuals to feel a sense of connection to their past and their family heritage.

Why do I need the family tree?

There are a lot of reasons to create family trees:

– Understanding one’s roots: Many people are curious about their family history and want to know where they come from. By creating a family tree, they can discover their ancestry and gain a better understanding of their family’s roots.

– Preserving family history: Family trees can help preserve family history for future generations. By documenting the names, dates, and stories of their ancestors, people can pass down their family’s history and traditions to their children and grandchildren.

– Connecting with relatives: A family tree can help people connect with their relatives, both living and deceased. By discovering new relatives and learning about their ancestors, people can feel a sense of connection and belonging to their family.

– Tracing medical history: Knowing one’s family medical history can be essential for preventing and managing certain health conditions. By creating a family tree, people can identify patterns of disease within their family and take proactive steps to protect their health.

– Resolving family mysteries: Many families have stories or mysteries that have been passed down through generations. By researching and creating a family tree, people can uncover the truth behind these stories and mysteries.

Overall, creating a family tree can provide people with a sense of identity, connection, and history. It can be a meaningful and rewarding way to learn about one’s family and preserve their legacy for future generations.

How to build a family tree?

1. Gather all the relevant information you have about your family, such as birth and death dates, places of residence and any other facts you might have. You may also want to look into family records at your local library.

2. Decide what kind of family tree you want to create—there are many various formats available such as a fan chart, pedigree chart or simple line chart.

3. Start with yourself and your immediate family, labeling each person’s name.

4. Work your way back through the generations, labeling parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on.

5. Add dates, places and other facts as you go.




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